We specialize in hand-made clothing for kids!
We are based out of Utah and started out from our very own home in 2016. Thanks to great customers like you with sweet tastes like yours, our family-owned business has been able to blossom!

Our brand's priority is to have the comfiest hand-made clothing line! 
Soft French Terry Fabrics were specifically chosen to have the best quality in our products, making it perfect for babies, toddlers, boys and girls.  The quality of our clothes is comfy, modern, and versatile! Mix & Match as you please, and let your kids feel the fun to the fullest extent in their activities while wearing the coziest material yet!
We don't just call it Paradise, It FEEEELS like Paradise! ;)



It takes a village to raise a child. A full-time job.  A job with crazy schedules, no time-off, and no vacation days.  A job that never ends!
No time to stop and smell the roses. At Paradise Kids Clothing, we understand how important it is for you to stop and smell those roses. We make your journey of parenthood easier so that you can spend the time you save with your beloved little munchkin. After all, these are the precious moments that make life worth living for!

To make sure you don't miss out on moments of love and joy with your child, we have made clothes shopping easy and time-saving for you. You no longer have to waste your time driving through traffic and finding parking only to browse through dreary, mass-produced clothes at a mall in your city. Paradise Kids Clothing brings to you an exclusive collection of handmade baby clothes from a wide range of sizes. We design for Newborns to 5T, and by popular demand; some adult sizes too. From Summer to Winter, your baby (and you) can strut in comfort and in style. You can now shop for unique designs online from the comfort of your home, office, smart phone, or wherever you are! 

To make some aww-dorable memories with your little one, let us give you the gift of time. Shop from Paradise Kids Clothing and never worry about a single clothing problem ever again. Our bright and vivid colors will make your day. Children love wearing our clothes because of the ultimate level of comfort we strive to achieve with our expert fabric and design. Shop from our 100% hand-made items that include;  Baby Shorts, Baby Tops, Baby Leggings, Baby Sweaters, Baby Sweatpants, Baby Skirts & Dresses, and Matching sets for adults too. Get the best deals and offers on Paradise Kids Clothing. It truly does feel like paradise!



What you wear says a lot about you. By choosing to buy handmade clothes, you are choosing to support hard-working artisans and craftsmen instead of some big corporate conglomerate. Wearing handmade clothes exudes a sense of individuality, uniqueness, and not to mention great style, that says that just like the clothes you are choosing to wear, you too are one-of-a-kind.
From our Family to Yours, We thank you for your style!